Just as there are three expressions of God in the trinity, there are also three expressions of God’s people in community:
local, synodical, church-wide. Our mission is one of sharing Jesus’ message of love around the world. Your support
makes it possible. When you support the mission of the ELCA through the Central States Synod, 50% of your gift is
designated for use in Kansas and Missouri; 50% is forwarded on to our church-wide ministries around the world.
This is how we are making known the marvelous news that God is among us locally, regionally, and internationally. It’s the work of God by God’s people.


Set aside some time with your executive committee or council to pray about your community’s role in the shared ministry of the Central States Synod and ELCA. Begin by reading about an early church in Macedonia in 2 Corinthians 8:1-15. As a group, ponder the following questions in your personal and communal contexts as you discern what God is calling your community to commit to CSS/ELCA mission support this upcoming year:

  • What kind of resources did the church in Macedonia have? What did they chose to do with it?

  • How would you describe the Good News revealed in this example of biblical stewardship?

  • How does the generosity in your congregation serve as an example of your partnership with and trust in God?

Next, pray it out: God of abundance, you have given us everything we have, ourselves, our time, and our possessions.
As we care for all that you have given us, help us understand our offering is not about money, but is an expression of our thanks in giving you praise. Give us generous hearts, so we may know the joy that comes from helping others with
boldness and faith in your provision. Give us generous hearts, so that that we may show the world another way of living
with outstretched hands. Give us generous hearts so we may be a blessing to others as we continue to thank and serve you with the generosity first given to us. AMEN.



“…arrange in advance for this bountiful gift that you have promised.” 2 Corinthians 9:5 Once you and your Congregation have discerned how God is leading you to partner with the ministry expressed through the Central States Synod and ELCA, document your intent and information below. It is suggested that congregations tithe 10% of their annual budget to mission support. You may want to include last year’s mission support total and actuals, in addition to what you give proportionately to your annual budget. The amount you list below specifically for our CSS/ELCA mission support and is not meant to include or supplement designated outside benevolence.



Stewardship resources

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The Central States Stewardship Team is committed to:


  1. Nurturing congregations in their generosity by developing a mindset and heart for stewardship.

  2. Actively engaging congregations in growing financial giving within the congregation and to the synod and churchwide organization.


In order to do this we:


  1. Assist congregations in connecting money and mission.

  2. Enable members of the synod to tell the story of the interconnected mission of our congregations, the Central States Synod and the ELCA as we live out being church together.

  3. Assist congregations to develop a year-round stewardship plan that will encourage stewardship leadership within all members.

  4. Enable rostered and lay leaders to be connected to stewardship resources, including stewardship coaching.

  5. Increase financial giving within the congregation and to the synod by at least 1%.

  6. Invite congregations to celebrate stories that demonstrate God's abundance with the mindset and heart for stewardship.


If you are interested in learning more about the work of the stewardship team, need help connecting with resources, or have a "stewardship" story to share,

please contact Christyn Koschmann at

The Generosity Project


  • Helps congregations equip all generations as stewards of God's abundant grace

  • Broadens the understanding of stewardship and changes the overall culture of sharing and giving in congregations

  • Equips households as places where generosity is recognized and responded to


For more information contact Pastor Meggan Prosser-Gebhardt at .