June 6, 2020, the Central States Synod Council unanimously adopted a statement urging the congregations of this synod to actively engage in discussions and actions that address the systemic racism in our country that has brought about so much harm and pain, including the death of too many black individuals at the hands of the police. I was extremely proud of the way the synod council spoke directly and honestly with one another, giving space for each and every person to express their views and perspectives in a respectful and loving way.  They modeled the way I pray discussions will happen across this synod. I urge you to challenge and guide your communities to have these courageous conversations. I know that there is fear that these kinds of statements, conversations, and actions might cause divisions especially in a time when our congregations are struggling to come back together for in-person worship in very different ways because of the Covid19 pandemic. But the divisions, the brokenness, and the deep pain are already there. We are called to proclaim the hope that is Christ whose powerful gospel does indeed turn the world upside down. May we be bold and vulnerable, passionate and compassionate, in proclaiming and living out the gospel in these days.

- Bishop Candea


Synod Council Statement, June 2020

Justice Matters, June 8, 2020 - Bishop Candea's Remarks

Resources to help talk about racial justice:


White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

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