Members of the Synod Council are elected by the Synod Assembly


The highest legislative body of the synod is the Synod Assembly. Voting members from each congregation and all rostered leaders gather annually for this meeting. Between assemblies, the Synod Council serves as the "board of directors." The Synod Council is made up of voting members from the five conferences, as well as four officers: The Bishop, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

2019-2020 Officers

Rev. Susan Candea*


term ending 2025

Ms. Nancy Nagel*

Vice President*

term ending 2023

Rev. Chad Langdon*


term ending 2023

Mr. Scott Schulte*


term ending 2023


2019-2020 Conference Representatives

Susan Boxberger

Border Conference

term ending 2023

David Strommen

Central Kansas Conference

term ending 2023

Daniel Lilienkamp

Eastern Missouri Conference

term ending 2021

David Frerichs

Osage Conference

term ending 2021

Lorna Paulus*

Western Kansas

term ending 2021


2019-2020 At-large members

Terrence Freeman*

Lay Male, POC

term ending 2021

Chelsea Deines

Lay Female

term ending 2021

Theodore Keesee


term ending 2021

Joanie Saltzman

Young Adult

term ending 2021

Linda Lockhart

Lay Female, POC

term ending 2022

Dallas Rakestraw*

Lay Male

term ending 2022

Mindy Tillberg


term ending 2022