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New Ministries


Rev. Odir Flores performing a baptism

Sagrado Corazon De Jesus, Garden City, KS  


Sagrado Corazon De Jesus is a Hispanic community whose worshippers come mainly from Central America; El Salvador in particular. Many have little formal education and face the obstacles of poverty, family disintegration, lack of employment and health insurance. On June 1, 2015, the ministry began under the leadership of pastor Odir Flores, who was officially received onto the roster of the ELCA at the synod assembly in June of 2017. Ministries include a school that nurtures spiritual formation, a youth group that helps teens become leaders, and leadership training through educational opportunities. On Sundays approximately 100 adults and children gather for worship.

Parroquia Divino Nino, Dodge City, KS


This ministry is also served by Odir Flores and currently meets in a Presbyterian church. Ministries include a prayer house and a school that nurtures spiritual formation and offers guitar classes.


Mision San Juan de Dios (formerly known as Partners), Wichita KS


This ministry is led by Rev. Ivan Gonzales and located in the Planeview area of Wichita, an impoverished area of the city. The San Juan community is committed to becoming a hub for Latino ministry in Wichita and south central Kansas. Approx. 45–60 people gather each Sunday for worship in a church building they share with their United Methodist brothers and sisters. The congregation also concentrates on being a community center to the neighborhood and offers Zumba classes, hosts the neighborhood association meeting, and other gatherings.

Pastor Ivan instructing the children

on assisting with worship


South Sudanese leaders with Pastor Philip

South Sudanese, St. Joseph, MO 


In April, 2006, the South Sudanese Worshipping Community of St. Joseph began offering worship services in Dinka, the language of the largest ethnic group in South Sudan. The congregation is a partnership of First Lutheran Church, St. Joseph, MO.  Pastor Philip Deng serves as pastor, and part-time mission developer.

"We opened with a prayer service on April 1, 2006 in the same building we are still now. Our background was Episcopalian, as the Anglican church is more visible in South Sudan. Then we realize that we are all believers in one God and we asked the Central States Synod if we would be able to join them and they said, "Why not?

–Philip Deng  

The congregation averages 30–50 in worship and supports new South Sudanese residents in the St. Joseph area. As there are new Sudanese continually moving to St. Joseph, the mission field is strong.​

Gathering Table.png

Gathering Table, Kansas City, MO


Gathering Table invites people of the neighborhood in for food, clothing and a shower and they discover acceptance, fellowship, and hospitality.  Through missional encounter, the Holy Spirit starts working and people find themselves at the Lord’s table accepting grace.  Pastor Ann Rundquist was called in 2013 to served as Pastoral Leader at the former Children’s Memorial Lutheran Church, Kansas City and now Gathering Table Worshipping Community.  Worship is at 10:30 am on both Saturday and Sunday mornings, followed by a hot meal.  A shower and clothing room are also available.


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