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In the Central States Synod, we believe that every congregation has vitality and that all of our congregations have opportunities as vital communities to nurture life-changing relationships with God, one another, and neighbors. 


To support congregations as they grow vitality in their contexts, the Central States Synod provides a variety of resources. 


Tools for Congregational Vitality:

  • Congregational Vitality Surveys:
    An assessment of vitality in a particular context. Members and leaders take the free survey, and results are shared by one of the Directors for Evangelical Mission. As we review the results, we begin to build a plan for growing in areas like leadership, worship, children’s ministries, stewardship, and discipleship.

  • Retreats: 
    (Mission and Vision; Discernment; Council Leadership; Community Organizing and Connection; Conflict Resolution:) 
    A Director for Evangelical Mission walks with the church's leadership team through either the process of honing a mission or vision statement, or putting those statements into practice with clear, measurable, gospel-centered goals and practices.

  • Faithful Innovation Process: 
    In a small cohort of congregations, a congregational team of four to six members will learn how to lead their congregation through a process of learning that invites the whole congregation into a three-step process

    • Listening,

    • Acting,

    • Sharing. 

The process repeats as the congregation innovates and learns what God is doing through them in their congregation and community.

Why Participate


Research from congregations in the Oregon Synod who participated in an intentional congregation vitality process showed these long-term effects. . .


  • Theological imagination expanded -  able to articulate how God is active and how they join God in that activity

  • Clarified sense of purpose within God's mission

  • Increased mutual agreement with neighbors

  • Deeper congregational member connections with God, each other, and the world

  • New lay leaders identified and engaged

  • Increased mission support

  • Increased worship attendance


To learn more about any of the Tools for Congregational Vitality 
contact one of the Directors for Evangelical Mission

For questions or further information, please contact. . .​​

This initiative is being funded in part through a generous gift from Faith Lutheran Church, Prairie Village, which closed in 2017 and dispersed its assets to fund ministry throughout the church and community.

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