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Purpose: To help our congregations view our changing culture as an opportunity and invitation to refocus energy and resources toward becoming communities of Jesus that nurture life-changing relationships with God, one another, and the world.*


Vital Congregations* are places where. . .

  • Worship is dynamic and authentic

  • Leaders are respectful of boundaries

  • Leaders participate in and engage with their local communities

  • Members treat each other as fellow members of the body of Christ

  • Diversity is honored and respected

  • People are willing to engage in holy experiments & open to change & risk

  • Faith is nurtured

  • Gathering spaces are attractive and inviting


* This is the definition of vitality being used throughout the ELCA.


Congregational Vitality


Every congregation is invited to take a congregation-wide vitality survey which helps them understand how they are connecting people to God, to one another, and to the world.

  • Cost to take the survey is $100 (Remaining cost is covered by a synod grant.)

  • Survey results are shared with church council and leadership to provide a starting place for congregations to begin setting goals and priorities.

Why Participate


Research from congregations in the Oregon Synod who participated in an intentional congregation vitality process showed these long-term effects. . .


  • Theological imagination expanded -  able to articulate how God is active and how they join God in that activity

  • Clarified sense of purpose within God's mission

  • Increased mutual agreement with neighbors

  • Deeper congregational member connections with God, each other, and the world

  • New lay leaders identified and engaged

  • Increased mission support

  • Increased worship attendance


Learn more about the Faithful Innovation Learning Community

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For questions or further information, please contact. . .​​

This initiative is being funded in part through a generous gift from Faith Lutheran Church, Prairie Village, which closed in 2017 and dispersed its assets to fund ministry throughout the church and community.

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