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Documents and Resources​

Annual Report to the Bishop
Annual Rostered Reports to be filed with the Bishop
Bible Study: Leaders' Guide
A Biblical Journey: Traveling the way of Jesus (leaders' guide)
Bible Study: Participants' Handout
A Biblical Journey: Traveling the way of Jesus (Participant handout)
Building and Property Recommendations
Questions about Building and property use.
Central States Synod Constitution
Current Constitution of the Central States Synod {Approved June, 2023}
Compensation Guidelines
Current compensation and benefit guidelines for Rostered Ministers, Pastors and Deacons. Approved during 2023 assembly.
Compensation Tutorial
Video tutorial for compensation guidelines (2021 edition)
Compensation Worksheet
2024 Compensation calculation worksheet (Excel Spreadsheet)
Compensation Worksheet 2025
Proposed Compensation Guildeline worksheet for 2025
Definitions and Guidelines for Discipline
ELCA guidelines for discipline: Rostered Ministers, Congregations and Members
Gift Acceptance Policy
CSS policy for managing donations, bequests, & charitable gifts
IRS Requirements and Regulations
Link to the IRS form I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification
Land Acknowledgement
Indigenous land acknowledgement guide
Misconduct Policy
Synod Policy regarding sexual misconduct by rostered ministers
Model Constitution for Congregations
Sample Constitution for Congregations updated 2022
Parochial Reports (Forms A & C)
ELCA Parochial Reports
Political Campaign Activity
Restriction of Political Campaign Intervention by 501(c)(3) organizations
Portico Benefit Services
Portico Financial Resources
Summary of financial resources available from Portico
Protection Guidelines for Youth and Vulnerable Adults
Policy guidelines to protect youth and vulnerable adults
Remittance Form
Printable form for treasurers submitting mission support
Secretary Resources
ELCA resources for Council Secretaries
Synod Budget 2022
Budget approved June 2021
Synod Quick Facts
Basic information and statistics about the synod
Treasurer Resources
ELCA resources for council treasurers


Select Learning
DVD and Online Course catalog
Parish Ministry Education and Associate Program information, documents and resources
ELCA Seminaries
Seminaries of the ELCA

Church Council​

Election to a Congregation Council carries with it the respect and trust of the constituency of your congregation. The value of your willingness to make a contribution to the life of your congregation is significant and appreciated. Your contribution involves your time, expertise, enthusiasm and energy. Saying yes to this responsibility brings some basic duties. In addition to Chapter 12 of the Model Constitution for Congregations of the ELCA, your congregation's bylaws could include the following responsibilities: 

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