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About the Earth Charter

Today we are becoming more aware and informed about the world than ever before.  Through media and personal experience, we learn about what his happening almost instantly.  Our observations and what we hear in the media can be overwhelming at times.  The Earth Charter, a guiding document adopted in June, 2000, in the Netherlands and endorsed by the ELCA in December, 2019, provides a framework for us to look at our environment wholistically and to put our faith into action. 


As communities of faith experience a renewal in the seasons of the church, so too do people experience a renewal in the seasons of nature.  As servants of Christ and responsible caretakers of our planet, we are called to adopt perspectives, practices and skills that will wisely use earthly resources, foster healthy relationships and sustain God’s creation for future generations.  Together we are invited to develop and apply the vision of a sustainable way of life locally, nationally, regionally, and globally. Our diversity of beliefs, gifts and cultures are precious assets that shape the ways we develop a vision unique to a context.  Through conversation, collaboration and coordination, we find ways to harmonize our diversity with a spirit of unity to attain short-term objectives and long-term goals.

Earth Charter in the Central States Synod

At the Central States Synod Assembly in 2020, a resolution was adopted to   

  • become acquainted with the Earth Charter and its principles

  • consider joining the Earth Charter implementation initiative in our Synod

  • prayerfully consider what actions we can take to become better stewards of Creation

  • and partner and communicate with the CSS Earth Charter Leadership Team, CSS Earth Charter congregations and ministry sites, and Lutherans Restoring Creation Mission Table to implement actions on behalf of God’s Creation, and present and future generations.


In 2020 our synod joined an initiative with the Delaware-Maryland, Metro New York and New England synods to introduce the Earth Charter to congregations and begin to take action.  The effort has involved conversation to shape direction that fits the context of each congregation; collaboration to inform and develop leaders; and coordination to use resources for education and action.  An initial group of congregations from St. Louis, Kansas City and Central Kansas have begun a journey with our faith and the Earth Charter as our guide.  All congregations in the synod are welcome to learn from our experience and start your journey in the coming year. 



For more information, or to inquire about joining this Earth Charter initiative, please contact a member of the CSS Earth Charter Leadership Team:


St. Louis

Ben Perrin,


Kansas City

Keith Mundy,

Rev. Noni Strand,


Central KS

Megan Spilker,

Kaylie Ines,      

additional resources that will inform and educate. . . 

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