Advent – A Season of Lament and Hope

Advent is a season of anticipation and longing. As a lament psalm, Psalm 80 expresses longing for restoration and renewal. Psalm 80 is the only psalm appointed sometime during Advent in all three lectionary cycles, with verse 3 always functioning as the refrain: “Let your face shine upon us, and we shall be saved.”


Anticipation and longing certainly describe this season, particularly this year, when we aren’t sure what to anticipate, what we can count on, and we long for some sense of “normalcy” even as we recognize that will not be a “normal” Christmas celebration. 

How do we use these weeks of Advent, preparing for Christ to come, as a time to both lament; being honest about the challenges and struggles we as a world-wide community face, and hope; knowing that Christ is indeed coming and we shall be saved?  


We pray Restore us O God; let your face shine upon us, that we may be saved.” 

- Psalm 80:3

Each Wednesday the synod staff will share their reflections as they invite us to lift our laments to God, pray for healing and restoration, turn our faces to see the face of God coming among us so that we might experience salvation in the coming of Christ.  During each day of the following week, you are invited to set aside 5-10 minutes to use the suggested mantra to pause, to wait, and be still as Christ comes into those moments of silence. ​

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