Aware that the economic recession plus the inability to have in-person worship services can affect the financial resources of our congregations, the synod officers have taken the following steps in response to an anticipated decrease in mission support:

  • Reduce staff costs by leaving the half-time synod position held by Christyn Koschmann vacant

  • Postponed the annual audit (which is a significant expense item in the budget) until later in the year

  • Delaying the disbursement of all grants to institutions and agencies until we have a clearer picture of the financial impact on the synod

  • Suspend all additional spending on travel and programming

  • Postponed the synod assembly, scheduled for early June in St. Louis, until next year.


We plan to continue:


  • Supporting the salary and benefits of the remaining synod staff (Bishop, Bishop’s Associate, Director of Communications, and Administrator, as well as the synod bookkeeper.)

    • This also includes the synod grant to support the salaries of our campus pastors.  (The salaries and benefits for the DEMs and Director for Disaster Response are paid by churchwide.) 

  • Paying the rent and technology costs to keep the synod office running.

  • Sending 50% of the mission support we receive from congregations to continue supporting churchwide ministries.


We have also applied for a Payroll Protection Program loan. 


Moving ahead we recognize that these are challenging economic times but urge you as individuals to continue contributing to your local congregations to help pay the salaries of your pastors and keep the lights in anticipation of the day when we will indeed gather back together in our places of worship.  We also encourage you as individuals and congregations to continue giving mission support so that we can continue the ministry we do together as the synod and the ELCA.


Thank you for your faithful generosity in these days.

If choosing 'other' please include a note in the memo to direct your gift.