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Resolutions of the 2020 Central States Synod Assembly

The synod assembly is the highest legislative authority of the synod.  A resolution is the means through which the assembly deliberates upon matters and determines the course of action the synod will take.

The Resolutions Committee is accepting proposed resolutions to be presented during synod assembly, June 4-6, 2020.

Guidelines and Submission Form

When writing a resolution:

  • Be succinct but complete

  • State the problem or concern in clear, concise language avoiding using the “whereas” structure

  • Propose a method for resolving the problem or acting on the concerning which addressing the following questions:

    • What are you asking to be done?

    • Whom are you asking to take action?

    • When should the action be accomplished?

    • To whom should the results be reported?

    • How will this action be funded? If financial resources are required, how and from where will the funds be obtained?

  • Fill out the Resolution Submission Form (found on the following page) and attach it as the first page of the resolution  


Who can submit a resolution?

  • A synodical committee, team, or conference of the Central States Synod

  • An individual who is a voting member of a congregation of this synod

  • An agency or institution recognized by the synod


Deadlines for the submission of resolutions:

  • No less than 45 days prior to the opening of the assembly (April 20, 2020)

  • No less than seven days prior to the opening of the assembly (May 28, 2020) if it directly relates to an item of business on the published proposed assembly agenda or if “it is of such an urgent nature that it clearly cannot be postponed until the next assembly.” (S7.11.H04.c Constitution and By-laws of the Central States Synod)


For any questions regarding resolutions, please contact:

Chair:  Rev. Phil Vickers;;  913-362-4150

Staff:   Bishop Susan Candea;; 913-948-9701


The functions of the Resolution Committee are to:

  • Ensure that resolutions submitted for consideration are in proper form

  • Eliminate duplication when similar resolutions are offered

  • Contact author or designated person who can speak on behalf of the resolution if additional information to assist the assembly in considering the resolution

  • Present resolutions in logical sequence to allow adequate consideration of each


Resolutions can be submitted by mailing them to: Central States Synod 420 W 14th St.  Ste. 101, Kansas City, MO  64105  or by e-mail to

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