Stewards and Servants of God’s Mission

The Parish Ministry Associate Conference, originally scheduled for May 1 & 2, 2020 in Kansas City was postponed due to COVID 19. But there is much to talk about in these days that have called us to re-think how we are church and what it means to stewards and servants of God’s mission in these changing times. What is the role of ordained clergy, the role of PMAs, the role of the Bishop? How do we all exercise our responsibilities for the sake of the church and God’s mission? During this time of being forced to do things differently, we have needed to ask these questions. Now let’s gather together and talk!


This conference is for all who are currently serving as Parish Ministry Associates, students enrolled in the Parish Ministry Education Program, and for lay leaders who are interested in the program or learning more about how to be better equipped stewards and servants of God’s mission in their own communities. 


6:30 p.m.           Welcome and Opening Prayer

6:45 p.m.          Small Group Break-out rooms for introductions and conversation

7:15  p.m.            Conversation with the Bishop - Lutheran Understanding of Church and the                           role of PMAs as stewards and servants

8:15 p.m.            Closing Prayer



9:00 a.m.          Morning Prayer

9:15  a.m.          Presentation & Small Group Discussions:

                   Exercising Leadership as Stewards and Servants - Rev. Dave Whetter

10:15 a.m.         Break

10:45 a.m.        Presentation & Small Group Discussions:

                   Growing Vital Ministries to Steward God's Mission - Rev Donna Simon

11:30 a.m.      Final Questions and Closing Prayer

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July 31 - August 1, 2020

Friday 6:30 p.m. - Saturday 12:00 p.m.


Contact the Synod Office for Meeting Link


Bishop Susan Candea

The Rev. Dave Whetter

Bishop’s Associate

The Rev. Donna Simon

Director for Evangelical Mission


(No Registration Needed, contact the synod office for log in information.)


There is no cost or need to register for this event. However, you are encouraged to send any questions or concerns that you would like addressed in our time together to Bishop Candea at