Download Complete Assembly Binder

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- Introduction

Assembly Welcome

Special Guest and Presenters

Bishop's Report

                Milestone Anniversaries

                Synod Statistical Report

General Information

                Helpful Information

                Voting Members Information

                Special Thanks


- ELCA Churchwide Report

- Bishops Election Information

- Nominations

Positions Needing Nominations and information (including blank form)

Nominating Slate

Biographical Information on Nominees

 - Budget/Finance

                Treasurer's Report  

                Proposed Budget 

                Salary and Benefits Breakdown

                Giving Report

                Proposed Compensation Guidelines for 2020

 - Resolutions

Resolutions Committee Members/Issues of Conscience

Blank Sheet for Motions

2018 Assembly Actions Grid

2019 Resolutions (in numerical order)

 - Constitution


The app contains information included in the binder as well as announcements and updates made throughout assembly. 

  • Download and open the app

  • Tap "Enter Passphrase"

  • Type: centralstates2019

  • Open the Central States Synod Assembly Guide

  • Use the menu icon (3 horizontal lines) in the upper left corner to navigate through the guide.