The church is a people created by God in Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, called and sent to bear witness to God’s creative, redeeming and sanctifying activity in the world. That is the statement of purpose for congregations and for synods in our respective constitutions. How do we live out that purpose?  It is not simply a matter setting goals and priorities. It is about discerning God’s mission for us.  That assumes, rightly so, that God is active in the world, creating, redeeming, and sanctifying.  How do we participate in this activity of God?

We have entered into a process to discern God’s mission in and through us in order to develop a new mission statement for the synod. Because you are the people created by God in Christ you are invited to be part of that process

Each week a short devotion will be posted on the synod website and Facebook page grounding this process in the waters of our baptism, inviting us to journey in the flowing water and living word to hear what God is saying to us through Scripture and prayer


We will gather across the synod to talk with each other about who we are as a synod, what God is saying to us through Scripture, and how we as the Central States Synod can participate in God’s mission.  These gatherings will take place on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  There is no cost.  We encourage as many people as possible to participate. 


For congregational councils/committees/groups. The same Bible passages and questions we will use at the gatherings to help us explore God’s mission in and through us will be available for individual congregations to use in a variety of settings.

  • Providing feedback and insights:

In addition to recording comments and insights from the conference gatherings, congregations and individuals can also fill out the form on line to share their thoughts.  All of these forms will be shared with the visioning team to help formulate our synod’s mission statement.

Team Members:


Bishop Susan Candea

Nancy Nagel (Vice-President)

Rev. Dave Whetter (synod staff)

Rev. Jon Brudvig (Western KS Conference dean)

Sarah Thomas (PMA)

Mindy Tillberg (deacon)

Rev. Andrew Baumgarten (pastor, St. Mark, Clayton)