September is National Preparedness Month.  Over the next several weeks we will be sharing information for how your congregation and its individual households can be more prepared in the likelihood that a disaster will happen. The website,, has easy to access resources to aid individuals and families in taking actual steps to help with this preparedness. The information below is from the website. 

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Week 1: Have a Plan

Week 2: Build an Emergency Kit

Week 3: Understanding Disasters

Disaster Preparedness Month Week 4


The previous three weeks focused on Making a Plan, Building a Disaster Kit, and Preparing for Disasters. As Preparedness Month comes to an end, the final week focuses on teaching youth about preparedness. There are many ways to interact with children and youth about disasters to help them understand how to be prepared and the signs to look for before a disaster happens. Often, youth provide an avenue to share information about preparedness before a disaster or information regarding resources that are available after a disaster. Schools having conversations about disaster preparedness helps bring awareness to the kids who then bring that information home. The website has lots of resources on how to talk with your kids about disaster preparedness and how to focus the preparedness conversation on the family. Resources can be viewed at, which includes resources for kids, teens, families, and educational organizations. Through games, activity books, and other educational materials you can engage your kids in disaster preparedness.

If you have any questions, contact Ben Perrin at