During the season of Lent, congregations and individuals have been invited into a period of discernment to help develop a new mission statement for the Central States Synod.  Using this form individuals or small groups in the congregation can give their own feedback to help the visioning team develop this new mission statement.  All comments made on this form, as well as comments and observations made at the conference gatherings will be shared with the team to help us discern what God is calling us to be and do as the Central States Synod.  Thank you for taking the time to participate in this important process.​​​

Give Us Your Input

At the conference gatherings and Bible study providing for congregations, the following texts were used to help guide our discernment:

1. After reading these passages and other Scripture that you have found helpful, describe in the space below what you understand to be God’s mission in our world.

This PowerPoint presentation used during conference gatherings gives an overview of our synod including, the number of congregations, leaders, ministries, and other data.

2. After reviewing the information, please answer the following. . . 

Grounded in our understanding of God’s missions and having a clearer picture of the ministries of our synod. . .


3. what do you believe God is calling us to be and do as the Central States synod? What do you believe should be the focus of our work together?

Thanks for submitting!