To equip our congregations we have prepared a Companion Synod Epiphany Packet with useful information for the Epiphany Season, including:


  • Suggestions for congregations for celebration in Epiphany

  • Prayer requests

  • Resources on Global Ministry Partners of the ELCA and the Central States Synod

  • Speakers list

  • An introduction to the Far Eastern Region of the Lutheran Church in Asian Russia and the Congregations we are working with in our Companion Synod

  • An introduction to the Kotte District of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea

  • Worship songs used in Papua New Guinea in Melanesian Pidgin language

  • Recipes from our CoSyn Christians in Russia and Papua New Guinea

  • A historical timeline of our Companion Synod visits

  • A list of members of the Companion Synod Team and their contact information

  • "Accompaniment" – An explanation of the ELCA model for global mission relationships


The Companion Synod Team also created an Epiphany bulletin insert for our congregations.

Epiphany, Week 1

January 6, 2020

Epiphany, Week 2

January 12, 2020

Epiphany, Week 3

January 19, 2020

Epiphany, Week 4

January 26, 2020

Epiphany, Week 5

February 2, 2020

Epiphany, Week 6

February 9, 2020

Epiphany, Week 7

February 16, 2020

Epiphany, Week 8

February 23, 2020