Tentative Agenda for 2019 Synod Assembly

Marriott Kansas City/Overland Park, 10800 Metcalf, Ave, Overland Park, KS 66210

(Agenda Subject to Change)

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Thursday, June 6, 2019 - Synod Assembly Day 1                                

11:00 AM                 Synod Assembly Registration Check-in                                                 Quail Creek Ballroom II

                                Sign-in for Travel Equalization                                                                Quail Creek Ballroom II 

1:00 PM                   Display Table Area Opens                                                                      Lobby and Quail Creek Ballrooms                                1:00 PM                   Synod Council Meeting                                                                           Meadowlark

2:30 PM                  Bishop's Election Task Force Meeting                                                   Private Dining Rm or Hospitality Suite  

3:00 PM                  New Voting Member Orientation                                                           Quail Creek Ballroom III/IV

4:00 PM                  Youth Welcome Meeting                                                                         Hospitality Suite # 914


5:00 PM                  WELCOME and OPENING of Synod Assembly                                      Grand Ballroom

5:15 PM                   Thursday Evening Welcome Dinner       


6:30 PM                   Opening Worship Service                                                                       Grand Ballroom

7:30 PM                   Registration & Credentials Closed for Bishop's Election Ballot #1          


8:00 PM                   Plenary Session I - Voting Session                                                         Grand Ballroom

                                 Bishop's Election - Ballot #1        


8:50 PM                   Synod Assembly Registration check-in, re-opens for late arrivals          


Friday, June 7, 2019 - Synod Assembly Day 2                         

7:00 AM                  Synod Assembly Registration check-in, re-Opens for late arrivals                    

                                Breakfast on your own           


8:00 AM                 Plenary Session II                                                                                      Grand Ballroom

                                Bishop's Election - Ballot #1 - Announce Results    

                                Nomination Committee Report               

                                Synod Vice President's Report               

                                Synod Treasurer's Report & Presentation of Proposed Budget             

                                Rev. Richard Melheim Keynote Presentation         


9:50 AM                 Registration & Credentials Closed for Bishop's Election Ballot #2          


10:00 AM                Morning Break - Sponsored by Mission Investment Fund, ELCA           


10:20 AM                Plenary Session III - Voting Session                                                        Grand Ballroom

                                ELCA Churchwide Vice President -- Mr. Bill Horne, II            

                                Election for Synod Vice President, Secretary, & Treasurer       

                                Election for Synod Council positions and Synod committees             

                                Bishop's Election - Ballot #2    


11:45 PM                 Synod Assembly Registration check-in, re-Opens for late arrivals        Quail Creek Ballroom II

12:00 PM                Synod Assembly - Lunch break              


12:15 PM                 Budget Hearing - Working Lunch                                                             Grand Ballroom

12:15 PM                 Compensation Guidelines - Working Lunch                                            Quail Creek Ballroom III

12:15 PM                 Resolutions Hearing - Working  Lunch                                                     Quail Creek Ballroom IV

12:15 PM                 Youth Lunch                                                                                               Hospitality Suite #914


12:40 PM                 Registration & Credentials Closed for Bishop's Election Ballot #3                       


1:10 PM                   Plenary Session IV - Voting Session                                                         Grand Ballroom

                                Rev. Richard Melheim Keynote Presentation #2    

                                Bishop's Election - Ballot #2 Announce results       

                                Introduction of Bishop Nominees            

                                Bishop's Election - Ballot #3       (As needed)         

                                Discussion and Vote on Resolutions  


3:15 PM                  Afternoon Break - Sponsored by Lutheran Planned Giving & ELCA Foundation   

3:15 PM                  Registration and Credentials re-opens for late arrivals          


3:30 PM                  Plenary Session V  

                                Interview Sessions with Bishop's Nominees - Final 3                             Grand Ballroom, Quail Creek Ballroom & Salons A-D


4:45 PM                  Registration & Credentials Closed for Bishop's Election Ballot #4          


5:00 PM                   Afternoon Break     


5:15 PM                   Plenary Session VI - Voting Session                                                        Grand Ballroom

                                Bishop's Election - Ballot #4       (As needed)         


5:30 PM                   Break for Dinner     


6:30 PM                   Assembly Banquet & Celebration of Anniversaries                               Grand Ballroom


Saturday, June 8, 2019 - Assembly Day 3                                                                             

7:00 AM                 Synod Assembly Registration check-in, re-Opens for  late arrivals         

                                Breakfast on your own           


7:30 AM                  Registration & Credentials Closed for Bishop's Election Ballot #5                                               


8:00 AM                  Plenary Session  VII  - Voting Session                                                    Grand Ballroom

                                Bishop's Election - Ballot #5       (As needed)         

                                Bishop Gustafson's Message to the Synod

   Discussion and Vote on Synod Budget   

                                Discussion and Vote on Compensation Guidelines     

                                Issues of Conscience              


9:25 AM                 Bethany Home Association Meeting                                                       Grand Ballroom


9:30 AM                 Morning Break        


10:00 AM                Closing Worship                                                                                        Grand Ballroom


11:30 AM                 Closing of Synod Assembly    

                                Sign out for Travel Equalization                                                               Quail Creek Ballroom II