Oromo Mission Developer Reaches Around the Globe

From Melaku Tizazu, Mission Devloper and TEEM Candidate

Dear Central States Synod congregations,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

I am the ELCA Oromo Mission Developer in Kansas City metropolitan and the surrounding. I also am the founder and minister of the ‘Oromo Christian Ministry’ at www.paltalk.com which is an online “room” serving at this time an average  of 35-55 persons every day. I also run an evangelical Amharic language newsletter online ministry. It has been so difficult for many years to do these visions before I was connected to Central States Synod, ELCA.

My vision and mission to take advantage of my ethnic roots and serve the Oromo Language speaking Ethiopian community in Diaspora is not an easy task in anyways. This was extremely difficult and was burdensome to my family when I was doing it without any support. Visiting targets of evangelism at their residence is the most accepted and respected way of evangelism in our culture. And so driving several times a week and at times even several times a day, from Lee’s Summit to north Kansas City and Olathe, Kansas etc. could have been practically impossible had it not been for your support. The rising gas price could have made anything like this impossible. The  support I receive from the congregations of CSS is enabling me do and be what otherwise can stop. Thank you for your continued prayer and support and even more generosity if and when possible. I sure am a missionary/servant and in need.

The mission development has been much more difficult and slow growing than expected. There are many normal challenges as well as unique contextual complications that cannot be explained in short letter. Learning theology through the TEEM (Theological Education for Emerging Ministries) program, daily online ministry along with family and community duty with a very limited resources is really hard. I believe only the call of God can hold anyone in such condition.

The support I started receiving has been cut down. That is very sad. I believe someone somewhere in America knows that I could be supported more. But I am so thankful to the Lord and to every Central States Synod congregations who are contributing towards supporting me and my service to Christ. I continue enjoying the support and personal encouragement of  Pr. Jennifer Thomas and the saints at Immanuel Lutheran Church. Bishop Dr. Mansholt and Pr. Dale thank you so much for all the encouragement and support I have been receiving from you every possible way.

Thanks to the Lord. Thank you.

Melaku Tizazu
Kansas City Oromo Mission Developer
816-931-8484 ch: 816-521-8132

Download as bulletin insert: Oromo Worshiping Community